Our air-dried crispy kale are super tasty with a bit of extra olive oil, hint of salt and little kick of paprika. Some people even thought it is a crispy seaweed but this one is even better as it packs with vitamins and minerals. That is why people love it and call it a super (food) healthy vegetable.


There is 200g of fresh kale in each bag of our kale chips.


15g per pack


Ingredients: Kale, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Paprika, Salt

Kale Chips with Olive Oil and Paprika - 4 Bags

  • Values per 100g

    • Energy - 1548KJ/370Kcal
    • Fat - 1g
      • of which saturates - 0g
    • Carbohydrate - 93.3g
      • of which sugars - 66.7g
    • Fibre - 1g
    • Protein - 0g
    • Salt - 1mg